29 January, 2008

So Many Pictures

First off... Here are those pics I promised you.

This first... It's obvious why she hasn't worn it much... those chunky little legs hanging out! But it's absolutely adorable (even if it is pink) & I had to make sure we not only had her in it at least once, but in a pic too.

Ok, not sure where the other sock went in this next one... She's an expert at getting them off lol.

I wish I'd gotten a pic of Kalila right before I put her in this next one. She gave me this look like "You've got to be kidding!" I'll admit I don't care for the colour... but the outfit is cute. (I could just see it in a nice blue or purple) I guess she disagreed lol.

You may have seen this next one a couple blogs ago when she was crying in the high chair... but here's a sweeter pic.

This next one didn't last long. She tried to keep us from even putting it on! Is kinda hard to see, but white shirt w/ bunny, pink pants, and white bunny slippers (complete w/ floppy ears hanging off) ... lol

LOL Every shot of this next one has the skirt flipped up! I got several of her in it... and every pic has a big smile... well, one has her coming off of a smile & just looks goofy lol, but still... I'm excited about putting this one on here!

The last I've managed to keep her in for a good bit of time today... (don't ask about the one just above... shudder) Thankfully it's warm in here lol.

There was one other I didn't get a pic of... Hopefully she'll get to wear these again at least once... but we'll see. She's growing so fast! At least the one not pictured is warmer than these so it's a bit more likely to see another day lol.

Now... before I get off... Remember me telling yall about Kalila holding her bottle at Church a few weeks ago? Well... I gave her one tonight & got some pics. So cute... So here it is!

One more before I'm off to do diaper duty... This one was this morning... somehow worked her foot out of the sleeper lol. As she kicks the keyboard...


Christy said...

I completely understand why you what her to wear all of those outfits. THEY ARE ADORABLE!

I can't believe that she is holding her own bottle! Porgie didn't really start even trying until she was 7 or 8 months old.

Rachel said...

I love the pictures. I saw your post on Christy's blog.