28 January, 2008

Once again...

At some point I'm planning to put some adorable little pictures on here... Kalila is growing so fast that she's either not going to get to wear some outfits from size alone or that plus the fact that we were given some for the wrong weather & she'll have outgrown it before it's warm enough again. So I've been making sure she gets put in them when we stay in where it's nice & warm & have taken pictures of it. But... I'm not finished so that will be another blog, another day.

Before I get to the main point of this... I have a little story to share.

My cat is weird! We have a normal cat dish... One we fill one side w/ cat food and the other with water. Fresh every day. However, we also have a water dish for another room... Just in case... Be it lazy cat or what... figured it was best to do that. Well, this water dish is one that refills itself to a certain point. Nada fancy... but still. So earlier I go in to feed Kalila and hear scratching. Odd scratching. I (somehow) carry the baby to see what's going on & find Mumble. She'd dragged the water dish into the middle of the half bath floor, scratched at it until she knocked the top part over to let out what little water was left inside that wouldn't come out since it'd gotten so low. Note: we'd given her fresh water in the other bowl... All she had to do was walk across our apt. It's not that big.

Anyways... I do have more pictures to share. & yes they are adorable too... So I suppose I lied earlier... but in my defense they aren't the ones I was talking about!

I don't know if I mentioned it... But Kalila is def a little Spurs fan. Watches every game we'll let her... Literally. Her eyes won't leave the tv when it's on. I think she has a crush on Tony Parker... I asked her one day if she liked him & she smiled & licked her lips! So anyways, we got her a little outfit to wear...

Another cute story: The other day I was making dinner... I'd waited until she was fed & changed, you know got her taken care of, & then went to work on it. Well, she was having one of those I want to be held & nothing else will do days & started screaming. I tried her bouncer... wouldn't work. So I put her in the high chair. No. Flat out screamed again. But the food was on & it was at least closer, so left her in it (I'm mean I know) and went back & forth between cooking & trying to calm her down w/ toys & making faces & stuff. Finally the food finished & I made me a plate & sat down next to her. I got pictures of the screaming... but I wish I'd gotten what happened after she stopped. First... she glared at me. Pouted & glared. Then I told her that I was sorry & "Mommy loves you..." and she glared again & said emphatically "Boo". I'm still laughing at the thought of it. Note: she kept up the glare until I picked her back up. & since she did say boo (her word for when she's hungry; must have worked up an appetite from all that screaming) I fed her shortly after... and that got a huge smile out of her lol.

Looks like she's wondering what on earth I'm doing lol...

And bedtime... She picks a stuffed animal every night for story time... this time it was a duck (she laughed at it) & I had to get a pic of her hugging it... Was so cute.

Ok, I'm done for now!


Christy said...

The pictures are too cute. I love taking pictures of my screaming babies. I want to remember everything about their childhoods - even the crappy parts.