25 January, 2008

I Found Mr. Fish
Ok, I know it wasn't really Mr. Fish as he has long since been digested... it was more like Mr. Fish's Tilapia cousin.

Alternative Title: I Grossed Out (and Horrified) My Husband

Ok, so today we had some errands to run after Jas got out of school. So I went w/ him & we had a really nice day. Which included lunch. During our errands we smelled Chinese & it sounded so good that we figured we'd do that.

& lunch was great. We got there & I went to fill out my plate & found Mr Fish's cousin. I guess I'll call it Miss Fish... A full tilapia... I couldn't help myself... First I thought of Mr. Fish and how good it was... and then (I'll admit) what Jas' reaction might be. So I got it.

I wish I'd had a camera. Sheer horror. It was great! He went off for at least ten min on the fact that it had a head attached. & refused to sit across from me as I ate. Yes... I am still teasing him about it.

Now, for those of you who witnessed my meeting w/ Mr. Fish... Was my reaction that bad? I know I was surprised, but...

I didn't have a camera when I met Mr. Fish unfortunately, but here I am w/ his brother - also named Mr. Fish.