14 January, 2008

All Rolled Into One... Again

It seems that I can't get a blog to be about one particular thing lately. Something happens, I want to write... and I can't. So it gets put off & then something else happens.. vicious cycle

Anyways, before I start anything else... Mom is doing much better. She was moved out of ICU today... I talked to her earlier... and yesterday too. Sore, ready to get out of the hospital, and all... but better. She even said that one of her dr's said she may be released tomorrow! We'll see, but still... good sign!

While I'm still close to that subject... I thought I'd add a pic from the trip we made to see her last weekend (weekend before last I suppose). This was Kalila's first real trip & we took a pic of her on the bed at the motel room lol.

Also, I believe I mentioned before that she has been trying to roll over lately... She did it at 5 weeks & then stopped. A couple weeks ago she managed to do it again... Here's a shot I got of her right after she did it!

She's still perfecting it though. Usually she gets half way over & gets stuck lol. She managed to roll from tummy to back today as well, but no camera around to catch that one! One I did manage to get today was of her stuck... and as you can see she uses one of her rattles as a bracelet sometimes too lol.

My daughter has also gotten to that lovely human pretzel stage. It's absolutely adorable... esp when she tries to eat her toes lol. However... makes diaper changes twice as difficult. I don't have many shots of it, but I do have at least one of her grabbing those feet.

She's also playing w/ her toys a lot more... Gonna add a few shots here. The first is one of those V-Tech toys, that she got for Christmas... Mumble is about as curious about it as Kalila is... I have to make sure she's in the other room when it comes out. you can see why lol.

A second is a stuffed puppy she just loves. She hugged him right away (not sure why I keep saying him.. the thing is pink lol) & started talking to him.

Plus... we got the high chair up... & I went crazy taking pics of her in it... The first two were of the first time I put her in it (of course) & the others are last night.

What I haven't gotten a picture of... That round rattle in the half rolled over pic, she's started passing it from one hand to another. Not really sure how I could get a pic of that, but it's cute to watch lol. & as of yesterday she's holding her own bottle! Not that she gets a lot of chances to practice that one... but we were really excited about it.

One more pic before I get off this sub lol... I caught a smile earlier today... was teasing her not too & it worked - she did! If you're wondering about the spray bottle that's for Mumble when she tries to misbehave. Am going to get that cat trained... (she's still a kitten, she's still a kitten)

& if you are wondering about Mumble... Her latest feat is jumping up on the table to turn on our sanitizer... I used it for some bottle parts & pacifiers (the only thing we use it on really - about once a week or two weeks) I can't believe she figured out how to do it! lol.

I also got a cute picture of her on New Years Eve... After Kalila went to bed I made myself my first margarita in about a year & filled a nice bubble bath. After I finished I went to check on Kalila before running the shower & forgot about the door... this is what I found when I finished my shower.

Thankfully the glass was empty! That'd be just what I need... a drunk Mumble! & I could so see her doing that too...

I think that's all the news I have for now... Def. have more pics, but not gonna put em all on here lol. Besides, Kalila is asleep & I would like to be too... Thankfully went down much easier than last night.. .All I'll say is that I ended up covered in pee and Mumble was running to the front door like she wanted out. :-D


Christy said...

I am so excited to hear that your baby is rolling! Next she'll be sitting up and crawling. It is so fun to watch them develop.