31 December, 2008

Worried... Very Worried

We scheduled a tour at the Birthing Center for this week... not because I'm pregnant or because we're ttc because I'm not and we're not yet... But becuse we want to get everything planned before we do and just in case. I have been very excited about this....

Anyways, so I was looking for one thing and found our discharge papers from the hospital. Curious I started looking at them. Towards the top they listed all the things I'd been tested for (most of which I'd both heard of and knew I didn't have lol) but one thing caught my attention. It said "Ab screen positive". Further down it said it again a couple times. Seeing anything say positive worried me, especially since I was not told about it... so I got online to look it up.

And what I found both worries and confuses me even more. All I can find is info on antibody screening... which makes perfect sense that they'd test me for since I am Rh neg and my daughter is Rh positive. They had to test me for that... But if I'd tested positive for them then they would have told me right? They'd have to because it can endanger future babies. On top of that... They gave me another shot of Rhogam before I left the hospital... something that they would not do if I had the antibodies because it's pointless to give it at that point!

So I have no clue what's going on here... I'm afraid my future pregnancies will all be high risk, which means I may be stuck having more hospital births when that is the last thing I want... and worse what it could do to our children!

We're seeing the midwife Friday though... So I'm gonna get her opinion while we are there and hoping/praying for the best. Baba wants to get me retested when we can get a chance... if it is that. Part of me is hoping it's some other random thing that I just haven't figured out what yet.

Still Waiting On A Few... But Here We Go

I don't have them all yet... waiting on emails still. But then again, I'm still waiting for some from the trip too, so hopefully someday soon I'll have a lot more pics to share lol. Anyways... I was bad and didn't get a whole lot of them Christmas day (is why I'm hoping I get those). I did manage to get one really cute one before we left that morning though! Wow.. I just realized that it's the only one I got... how sad.

Anyways, I have a few other pics to share too though.

More Mama getting stuff organized. I stayed up half the night getting the rest of our dvd's off that shelf (and away from little hands) and into a binder. There are still a few at the top as you can see, but at least she can't reach those! It also made a nice space for our wii fit board lol.

I also got our table nice and cleaned off agian... You can see the Advent wreath that never got lit. A day later and it was already messy again... I just found a good recipe for glass cleaner though so I'm actually looking forward to working on it in a bit. (plain vinegar cleans well but leaves streaks on glass)

Just have to show off... Baba washing dishes for me. How sweet! (have I mentioned that I hate dishes?)

I mentioned us looking for our family elf. Well... apparently our elf is a reindeer! Baba decided he looks like a moose though so we named him Chocolate Mousse. Cute isn't he? And very soft too... Kalila loves him.

She's also become obsessed with these little antenna from a costume. I love it...

Poor Mumble... Not as drugged out as when we first brought her home, but you can tell she was out of it. Note: She's doing a lot better, but her paw still looks bad.

I looked up the other day to see this... So cute!!!

And last but not least... more videos.

This first one's a bit repetative... I had her point and stuff like some of the others I've posted... but she says Mumble and Gido on it so I have to share... Plus it shows her new favourite pasttime... tackeling me! It was while she was sick btw... not that you can tell from watching it, she certainly wasn't acting like she was that sick!

I was hoping to catch her w/ the microphone, but she was more interested in the fridge this time. It was still pretty cute..

And lol... I normally don't get video's of her eating but when I looked up to find her licking the plate a couple days ago I couldn't help it!

Ok, babies up from nap and I need to get going on stuff...

29 December, 2008

MPM - 29 Dec - 4 Jan

I know I know... I didn't post last week... I had a good reason though. No computer. It's a good thing I guess because I couldn't have stuck to it.. everything went wrong including our stove breaking. Thankfully it's fixed now though... So here we go.

Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs on Toast
Dinner -
Chicken and Green Bean Alfredo Pasta (made with sun dried tomato alfredo sauce)
Breakfast - Fruit
Dinner - Pot Roast (recipe and veggies to be added tomorrow)
Breakfast - Cereal
Dinner -
Cheese Enchiladas, Beans & Rice
Breakfast - French Toast
Dinner - Tuna Casserole (still new couldn't make it last time lol)

Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs & Turkey Bacon
Dinner - Pepperoni Pizza
Breakfast - Pancakes
Dinner - BBQ Chicken & Corn
Breakfast - Cereal
Dinner - Menudo

28 December, 2008

What a Christmas!!!


I'll apologize first for not having pictures ready for ya, but it's gonna be awhile before I get them ready to go. Hopefully in the next few days...

It's been a crazy past few weeks have been absolutely crazy... well longer than that really. I just looked back at my earlier posts to see where I'd left off on all that and realized that I skipped over a whole lot of stuff that's happened lately.

I don't even remember (this is how bad this is lol) when it started. But right around the same time as the whole job fiasco our xbox broke, not a huge deal... we mostly just watch dvd's on it and I do have a crappy little dvd player we can use in it's place. Just annoying really... but it happened. Plus our other computer broke... well, Kalila pushed a button and it stopped working lol. Thankfully a friend of Baba's is willing to fix it for us, so that helped... he's still working on it, but that's fine. Then our truck broke. Well, not really... Baba took it in to get inspected and we found out that it badly needed help (exact words were somewhere along the lines of it could have exploded on us). Scary, yes. So that had to be fixed... That was all before we went to West TX. Like I said, not really sure when before, but before...

Then we got back and all got sick. Cold type sick though... wasn't too bad. Only poor Kimosimi had it too! After a few days we were getting better, although Kimosimi was dragging it out a little longer. And this computer started acting up more and more. Finally we had to put it in the shop.

Now week of Christmas here:

Jason got hired at a new job last Saturday (two ago now I suppose) and everyone was happy. Some friends took us out to eat to celebrate. We had Lebanese food and stuffed ourselves like normal. We couldn't believe how much Kalila ate though... She just kept going. Even when she got out of the high chair (was begging to get out) she started going at mine and Baba's plates! A couple hours later (LOL) we left and came home, went to bed... all was good..

Until around 5 Sunday morning Baba woke up to Kalila crying. He brought her to me, like normal, to nurse. She wouldn't. She kept acting like she wanted too but wouldn't. Then we noticed she had gas and her stomach was tight so we decided to give her some Mylicon to help... She stopped crying, acted like she was going to latch on... and then threw up all over me! (so gross.....) Afterwards she acted like she felt a ton better, was happy, smiling, nursed quite a bit... just better. We finally decided to put her back to bed and found that she'd thrown up earlier too (prob when she woke us up). So we cleaned up and got her back to bed for a couple hours.

Sunday she really did seem better. No problems at all. We figured she'd eaten too much, but kept in the back of our heads that it may have been the stupid cucumbers hiding in the tabouli (Baba's allergic) Kimosimi was finally better too, but Mumble was starting to come down with it.
At the same time Baba was sick too... but at least we knew for sure his was from those pesky cucumbers!

Monday morning we wake up and start getting ready for the day... I got in the shower while Baba changed a diaper... and found diarrhea. Def not from overeating, so either
sick or cucumbers...We talked about when to go to the dr, but she still had no fever was acting fine so we decided to watch her close and see what happened. Next diaper was the same, but after that she had two completely normal wet diapers. Was eating fine too obviously... but then she threw up agian and when I went to clean her up found a really gross diaper that I will refrain from explaining further. So we decided to go to the dr. Unfortunately it was after 5 and they were closed. We needed to wait until the next day to go...

Tuesday her diapers were back to normal and no vomiting either... so looked into it and found out we didn't need to take her in just yet. With no insurance at the moment... that helps. She's got a well visit coming up anyway, so we're gonna talk to the dr about getting an allergy test then... its' past time to discuss that. Anways, if it was a virus, it passed... She's completely well now, not sick at all. But... we noticed Mumble was not just getting worse, but limping now. Oh and Baba had training for his new job.

Wednesday - Christmas eve. Baba took Kalila to see Gran that morning. She ended up staying there for quite awhile, which ended up being a good thing for more than one reason. First off... although I'm not exactly sure since Kalila may have just had a virus, I think I ate something that sat out too long... because I started feeling sick. Thanfully not as badly as they did, but still did not feel good at all. Plus... we took Mumble to the vet... it seems that she got into a fight w/ Kimosimi and he bit her leg. Bite absessed. Poor dear had a fever of 103 and was, obviously, very sick. Drugged, drained, cleaned, and shot up w/ antibiotics (plus armed with more to shove down her throat)... and they sent her home. Poor thing, I wish I had a pic of when they brought her out. Her eyes were all wide and her tounge was sticking out. I'd been crying almost all day from worrying about her and couldn't help but laugh.
Of course we seperated her and Kimosimi from each other for a few days...

Then... Baba went to make dinner and the stove broke. Not his fault btw... loud popping sounds that we later found out were caused by something snapping in half in the back. Not good.

We didn't end up going to Midnight Mass, which I'm still a little sad about... but we just weren't up for it.

Unfortunately Christmas day we had her out here and him in the back. We brought out one of the litter boxes, but I think she peed in the baby's room (I can't find out for sure until Baba helps me watch the baby so I can move everything out and clean the floor... I wanted to do both yesterday and the day before so really hoping it happens today!!!!) . I'm not sure if I'm hoping it's that or if I'm hoping the stray outside peed outside the window (the smell got worse when I opened it). Whether she did or not... she did throw up in there (which is why I opened the window when I was cleaning that up and made the smell worse).

Beyond that... For the most part Christmas was great.

I realized that Kalila has her Poppa wrapped around her little finger lol. Which is fine except that it (plus the crazyness of Christmas in general) set us back quite a bit with her sleeping. Thankfully I managed to get her back on track in a few days (although since I mentioned that, tonight will prob be rough lol).

I still wasn't feeling that great early on, but by the end of the day was feeling much better.

It was a lot of fun too, both spending time w/ family and watching Kalila with her gifts. Here at home she kept getting distracted by what was already open and didn't want to open more. Same thing happened at Aunt Janelle's except it was the other kids opening gifts that had her attention lol. She did good at Gran's though. She was so excited pulling tissue out of the bag and even more so when she saw the clothes her uncle gave her.

Speaking of gifts... one upside of having to be on a strict budget this year was that we couldn't over do it (which would have been very easy with her).

We managed to get her a few things, and by shopping around even managed one big one. We found that Elmo's Restraunt for a good price (was still half of what we budgeted lol, but def worth it). I'm so glad we did because it's by far her favourite. She opens and closes the oven and fridge over and over, hits the buttons on the register, moves the skillet over the burner (and will put food in there), pretends to drink from the cup, tries to eat the food lol, walks around with utensils, puts the microphone to her ear (lol) and says hello. She just keeps going back to it. What's funny though, Christmas morning she ran right to it and started to play, but when Elmo talked to her she ran back a couple feet and yelled! Then she ran back and started talking to it.

We decided months ago that our main one for us was going to be Guitar Hero (Baba really wanted it, but now I love it too). Like the restraunt, I shopped around and found it for a decent price so it wasn't too bad. Besides that, I got Baba some golf stuff that I knew he wanted and a classic controller for the wii so he could play Mario Kart. I ended up making that one the gift he had to search for lol. (backing up... last year all i could get him was a downloaded game on there, galaga, so I sent him on a search all over the apartment for clues... decided I had to do that again lol). He did really good... He got me one of those enameled cast iron casserole dishes that he knew I wanted... We've talked about it many many times but they're normally way too expensive. We saw em at Sams for, not just an affordable price but around half of what they normally are too, but I didn't even think about asking for it. Sweet guy went back and picked it up for me... plus a cookbook and chocolate lol. Kalila gave me the Tales of Beedle the Bard, which I've already read now and is really cute and gave Baba a cap.

Anyways, all besides the point lol. We did good... managed to keep to our budget despite the holiday season... Something I hope we can keep doing even when we don't need too.

So Christmas was good... Friday gets here. Mumble's being taken care of. I'm getting better. Baba starts work. I don't really remember anything else honestly. Oh, the blinds fell off the window in Kalila's room!

Yesterday... Computer done finally lol.. but it was late afternoon before Baba got off and brought it home and I had way too much to do to get on. The maintenence guy came, looked at the stove, figured out what happened, and brought us a nice new one! He hasn't refixed the door (oh, somehwere in there our door stopped closing... you know, the front door...) or gotten our blinds fixed, but at least we can cook!

I went to vacuum and saw it blowing stuff out. So I went to get a bag and Kalila got past me and ate cat food. I got her away from there, made her sit down (she actually listened!!!) and changed the bag... to find it still blowing stuff out. During her nap I opened the hting up to find it was clogged. Emptied out teh hose and redid the floor.

Mumble's doing better... enough to fight taking her meds... so when I tried to give it to her she threw up all over me, Baba, and our couch.. plus the floor... So gross. We recleaned it all... and still I went to bed feeling like the place was more of a mess than it was before I started cleaning that morning.

Thankfully I've gotten quite a bit done today... enough to be caught up to where I was pre cat vomit.

I am so tired lol. Kalila's napping now... and it's been so long since I put her down that I'm slightly confused by this (although I know she was keeping herself awake at first so it may not have been as long as it feels). My plan is to get the dining room and kitchen cleaned today, and finish up on what little laundry I have left.

Ahh.. there she is lol

So yeah... it's been crazy lately. No complaints really, well not many anyway lol. I can't honestly say I'm thrilled that everythings been breaking or sick or whatever. But we're ok... and now that Baba's working again and insurance is coming back life is good. Plus... he got straight A's last semester (found out Christmas day, there's a gift for ya!) so we're really happy about that.

Ok, Chubs doesn't want me on here anymore... so I'm off lol. I'll get those pics up asap.

22 December, 2008

Disappearing Act

I'm alive I promise!

Both computers are down and it's hard to do much more than read on the wii. Plus sick baby keeping me busy. I'll post > nice big entry soon > promise. Have lots of good news and stories to share.

17 December, 2008

Time For Another Stream

I've keep thinking of things to post and not doing so for awhile (either forget or whatever) so I've got quite a bit and figured this would be a good time to do so. Don't worry, there should be pictures involved!

The apartment people came in while we were out the other day and left a note saying they'd taken our doors and were ordering replacements. We came in all worried and slightly confused lol. Well... it turns out it was the sliding doors on Kalila's closet. They really needed replacing so this was great news.

Since they're gone I'm taking advantage of that and cleaning out her closet. This is a before picture.

As you can see, we were storing quite a bit in there that either needed to completely be taken out or at least put up where she can't get at it. I'm actually almost finished, but still have some work to do before I post an after picture lol.

LOL I just had a surprise. I'm in the dining room... Baba is in the bedroom and Kalila was with him. I turned around and saw her sitting on the couch (right in the corner) with a tissue blowing her nose. Seriously did a double take...

Speaking of little miss... Kalila has learned a new word. Well, several... but this one is cute. She's saying Mumble now!!! I'm gonna have to try and catch a video of it because it's just adorable the ways she pronounces it.

Back to cleaning the closet... Yesterday I was in there seriously working on it and Kalila was running around me. Baba came in to see her dumping toys out of her toybox and put her inside it! She loved it and played with her toys in there for a few minutes or so. Was a good distraction lol... note: (because I know it'll come up lol) I was there the whole time and pulled her out the second she wanted out. I got several pics too, but this is my fav...

I really have to thank my Baba Babu. He's given me 2 recipes lately, one I have posted on the NHHM blog.. And both have turned out wonderfully even though I'd never made either before. That is always nice lol.

Speaking of food... I'm on my third week of doing the MPM thing on the other blog... and I really like it, but couldn't stick to it for anything the first two weeks lol. First an extra day in West TX messed things up, then dinner w/ Gido (was nice though lol), etc. Thankfully they were all things we didn't need groc for and ingredients will all keep. This week is going well so far though...

Speaking of that... part of me wants to switch it over to this blog... but it fits in w/ everything on the other. I don't know... I'm having a hard time figuring out what goes where, if I should combine them, and stuff lol. Any opinions/ideas?

I finally did it... I got Kalila's hair in a pony tail (kind of lol).

And as you can see... she's showing off those fork skills I mentioned the other day!

This is a little older (a week or so ago) but I have to show this one off too. Here is a cute pic of Kalila w/ her Baba.

I started out really excited about Christmas this year... Kalila's little face lighting up at the stores did it lol. But then the days just flew by without things getting done and I've felt bad about it. It looks like our tree is going to stay bare again this year. I couldn't find Jason or Kalila's stockings (got cheap ones at WM the other day... so that's fixed lol) The Advent Wreath never got lit. Christmas cards aren't sent (and we haven't gotten any either.. is just weird). We still haven't found our family Elf.

But... We baked Christmas cookies the other day, was a lot of fun and I'm still enjoying them lol. I took some Christmas pictures last week... I want to take some more (esp now that the stockings are up instead of the old ones of mine I had hanging in these lol) and we finally got Kalila down to see Santa!

Since I mentioned the pictures.. I suppose I'll show you.

I have to include this one because it's too cute. I asked Kalila to sit down in front of the tree... and she walked across the room and sat in her chair.

So I dragged it over by the tree and included Elmo in on our Christmas pics!

After awhile I changed Kalila into her second outfit... Don't laugh too hard, it was one of mine when I was a baby. She doesn't seem to like it anymore than I did... she fought having her pic taken in it.

Las gave her this last year and it really shouldn't fit anymore... but somehow it does. I decided to try it since the weight limit on the tag fit... I'm glad I did, so cute!

Christmassy pjs I found in her drawer. They're a little big lol.

And before I show you her Santa picture... I have to revisit last year. Remember this little chunk?

We went to see the same Santa... and Kalila would have nothing of it! She loved the dancing elf statue, and stared at Santa but clung to us and screamed and cried when we tried to hand her to him! After our second try (we went to eat and came back... so thankful for short lines) he offered to do a family pic instead. Can you tell we weren't expecting to join in on the fun? LOL

On a completely different subject... Last night I ended up bathing our kitties. Mumble did really well, as always, but Kimosimi flipped lol. I managed to keep him still long enough, but the poor thing howled through it all. And of course that made Mumble do the same. They're both nice and pretty now though. And I saw Mumble lick Kimosimi today too! (sorry have to mention that because she's the standoffish one).

Can I end this now? Is a whole day later than I started it lol... I guess I have to say Happy Bday to my sister now lol (since I couldn't seem to catch her on the phone).

I think that was all I was going to write about... I'm prob forgetting something, but oh well... it'll wait. Time for bed!

15 December, 2008

MPM - 15 Dec - 21 Dec

Breakfast - Fruit
Dinner - Buffalo Goulash & Steamed Veggies w/ Cheese
Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs on Toast w/ Cheese
Dinner - Tanzanian Meat Stew (w/ beef)
Breakfast - Cereal
Dinner - Chicken and Green Bean Alfredo Pasta (made with sun dried tomato alfredo sauce)
Breakfast - French Toast
Dinner - Baked Tilapia & Corn

Breakfast - Vegetable Omelet w/ (late addition here) Turkey Bacon
Dinner - Pepperoni Pizza
Breakfast - Pancakes
Dinner - Ground Beef Casserole w/ Potatoes (new)
Breakfast - Cereal
Dinner - Tuna Cheese & Rice Casserole (new)

As you can see I'm trying some new recipes towards the end of the week. I hope they end up being good lol. I'll try and update on how they turn out.

Knickernappies Disposanots

I'm gonna have to get a good pic of Kalila in this lol... but we had to order some diaper creme the other day... and KeenBambino had a great sale going on (after Thanksgiving!) so we decided to get our monthly diaper then too... These were on sale, so we decided to try one out and I love them!

The big disadvantage are that they aren't one size. The cost is less... but I'm not sure it works out when you need 3 sizes. I wouldn't have even considered trying it if Kalila wasn't big enough to only need the largest size now. It's also a little harder to stuff than BG's.

Obviously big advantage is the snaps!!! I love em!!! The lining is softer too... not necessary but nice.

I'm thinking we may put some on our baby registry next time along w/ BG's... but not really switching over lol. I do like it though!

14 December, 2008

I'm Not Ready

Kalila is just growing up too fast!!! Just in the past couple of days she's started doing all these new things that have me a little teary eyed.

Climbing for instance. She's been able to get up on the couch for awhile now (but really struggled to do it). The other day I saw her trying to climb up on her changing table... She stepped up on the bottom shelf and was trying to pull herself up. Then she tried to climb in the pack n play. Then she tried to stand on her chair. The couch... she's getting up and down on it like nothing.

Eating... I'll admit I was a little bad... I kept her from using a bowl for probably too long lol. I was afraid of them flying... so I put her food straight on the tray. She did well w/ it... but I decided to start the bowls last week. Not only have none been thrown (she does empty them out on the tray when she starts getting full though) but all the sudden she's figured out the fork/spoon at the same time! Of course she's not using it full time yet, but she can get food on it at least once or twice in a meal lol.

She started shaking her head no not too long ago.. and this week Baba taught her to nod her head yes. She's very proud of that new skill.

She's gone from saying 'meh' for meow to 'mow'.

She tries to blow her nose... Yes, she (and us too) got sick after the trip... Poor thing, I felt so bad for her... but when I'd try to wipe her nose, she'd take the tissue and do it herself. Then she saw us blowing our noses and would put her tissue up to hers and blow w/ her mouth! Adorable... She also grabbed the nose sucker (aspirator lol) off the thing by the couch and tried to stick it in her nose...

She's figured out how to open her toybox and get stuff out. Yesterday our living room looked like the thing had vomited in here. Thankfully today she decided to clean it up on her own and threw some of the toys in her pack n play lol.

And the one that really got me... We sent her to visit her Gido today... and she grabbed her puppy and just walked out the door with him! Didn't hesitate, didn't look back.. just happily went to go visit her Gido. (And when she came home she still wasn't fussing... se did come to me pretty fast though lol.)

I'm sure I could put more, but it's late and I'm tired... pretty much over this khara but it's worn me out. I do have to share one more thing before I go though...

Backstory here, I'd just put up the pack n play in Kalila's room.. and she begged to get in there (is when she tried to climb in). As soon as she saw the camera she started fussing... but I'm glad I left it on because this is too cute!

12 December, 2008

I guess they'll be split

Ok... so I'm still missing pictures from a couple of people, so I guess I'll just put up what I have!

Enjoying the cranberry sauce...

All worn out from her visit.

Yup, Kalila loves her Tia Banay...

Took awhile, but we got a pic w/ Grandpa (aka Babu)

Meeting the puppies...

Dinner at Nana's

Playing with toys

Breakfast before we left

Going after the Snow Village

Spending some time w/ Granny

Sleeping in the new pack n play

That's all for now..hopefully I'll be able to post the others soon!