14 December, 2007

Two B's

Right now my life has been taken over by two B's. One more than the other, the others more in my head than anything else. But let me explain.

The first B is Baptism... I think I mentioned this one before, but Kalila's getting Baptized this coming Sunday... Only 2 more days to go. I can't wait. But there is so much to do and not much time to do it. Not so much for the Baptism itself, but around the house. My mom is coming in at some point tomorrow and Myra (Kalila's Godmother) will be coming tomorrow night. Those are the only two coming in from out of town that I know of, but there may be others as well. I know it doesn't really matter, everyone understands small baby = messy house. But I HATE (not a word I like to use, but it fits in this instance) having people see a dirty house. So all this week I've been going room by room cleaning up. And I've gotten pretty far with it, but I didn't finish any room I had planned for the day lol. It's ok though because I got far enough to still be happy with it. (example: I still need to clean the fridge in the kitchen - but the rest is done) Today's should be pretty easy - living room, so I plan on jumping in & finishing the others up too. Plus I have an advantage today... My husband is off!!! Of course, after 3 days of double shifts (from 2pm to 6:30am) he's sleeping most of the day. But he did say he'd help with a couple things which makes the day much easier for me. It makes me feel better if nada else lol. My big accomplishment though is that I finally finished laundry (what we wore yesterday & today not withstanding). I thought I'd never catch up with it, so very happy!!! So anyways, that's made for a very interesting week. I've stayed up till all hours of the night to manage it, so I'm almost as tired as my husband, but it's worth it. Besides, this weekend will be great.

The other B is for Betsy. Betsy was my best friend, I'd met her in High School & we'd been friends ever since. She passed away from complications from Friedrich's Ataxia (a type of Muscular Dystrophy) last January... Two weeks after we found out Kalila was on the way... Which is why we gave her the middle name Elizabeth. I wish she could have met her, but I'm looking forward to telling her about Bets when she's older. Anyways, it's been a rough year obviously. And Monday the 17th would be her 26th birthday. I hadn't planned to have Kalila's Baptism right by it, just worked out that way. Part of me is glad, makes it even more special... but another part is sad because her family is having a thing at their church that night to raise money for FARA (FA research). They're calling it "Betsy's Fight to End FA" - w/ a chili
and cornbread meal, a silent auction, a bake sale, and a Kiss A Pig contest (ok so I don't so much like that last one lol) And I wish I could be there! But there's no way we can make it... Emily, Betsy's sister, has put updates on both myspace & facebook about it - so I've seen the info several times... and... it just makes me sad... I wish their was some way I could help, someway I could be there. On top of that I got an email from MDA today asking about a donation... Not something I mind getting, but the timing...

Well, I've got to get back out there & finish up with my cleaning. Esp since the baby is so calm right now :-)