03 December, 2007

Tis the season... for obnoxious questions

Yes, Christmas is quickly approaching... and I love this time of year as much as the next person. Religious stuff aside (which yes is a main part of it for me) - there's also the decorating, the movies, the food, and... the Christmas shopping. I love Christmas shopping. Always have. So much fun.

However, there's the other side of the Christmas shopping... Others are doing so too... And it never fails that I'm asked what I want for Christmas. I dread this question like you wouldn't believe. First off it feels like I'm asking for something... which I don't care for. Plus, I never actually get what I want for Christmas. I gave up actually answering after the incident a few years ago when I asked for an arabic lang program for the comp (decently priced mind you, found it for $20) or a book.. and got a "Thanks, that sounds good, I'll do that" routine... and I got clothes. They were nice clothes of course, and I liked them... can always use clothes... Very nice gift... But why ask?

& yes it's already started this year... Only now it's for all three of us! The baby was the funniest... I still have a registry up... I've mentioned this multiple times. We have 3 of them... Wal-Mart, Target & Baby's R Us... "Oh, I'll reprint it" then "What does Kalila need?" then "I think I'll get her clothes..." Note: clothes are what she needs lol... No complaints. But once agian... why am I being asked if you already made up your mind? I understand being asked what size... or colour prefference... but good grief! I preferred the "Oh, btw.. I got her this...." comment I got the other day.

Of course I've only been asked by a couple people so far... I know more is coming... and am dreading the moment. I just don't know how to answer.

On another.. yet similar.. note: While I haven't finished decorating by any stretch... I got the tree up & just have to share a picture. Apparently Mumble thinks it's a great place to catch a nap!

Note from a few days after posting this: I've figured out what to say... For anyone who wants to know... I want a Fanta Passion. And if you somehow manage to find one... I would be eternally grateful & it would go down as the best Christmas gift ever. Of course, barring you happen to be traveling to Afrika I really doubt it's doable lol.