08 December, 2007

So much to do... and updates...

I'll admit it... I'm procrastinating. Not a good thing to do when Kalila's actually down in the crib... I can just see it, as soon as I get to what I should be doing she'll start crying. But here I am...

Backtracking some... I mentioned in my first blog on here that I used to post blogs on my myspace page... And one of the things I was putting on there was updates about Kalila. But I realized that some people couldn't get to them, and as I'd already been thinking of starting a regular blog... that added into it. Which brings me here.

We had our 2 month checkup yesterday... Kalila's doing fine (sigh of relief). Still gaining weight. She's already up to 12 lbs 10 oz! They said she's in the 83rd percentile for that... She's also 24 1/2 in long... which is 97th percentile.. In other words, big baby lol. But we already knew that! She was all smiles for the dr, it was really cute. Showed off too... holding her head & standing for her (w/ the Dr holding her steady of course...)

LOL... As she just started crying & then broke into smiles when I went in there... started cooing & grinning like she thinks I'll get her out of the crib... unfortunately she's right... it does get me more often than not.. but it's bedtime... trying to stick to that unless she needs to eat or change... (unless she's sick or if she kept crying)

Back to the appt though. It went really well.... until the shots. Which honestly weren't too bad. The nurse let me nurse while she did it... so it could've been much worse (holding her on the table is agony for everyone). Poor thing started screaming though... turned bright red... showed off those two teeth she's teething... (right under her gums where you can see em). I nearly bawled...

Other than that... we're keeping pretty buzy lately. Jason's got finals.. almost done w/ that though. & has been working extra. I've been trying to get the apt straightened up for next week when people are coming in for the Baptism. I've gotten quite a bit done... but seriously getting to it this next week. Unfortunately its the laundry that's making it hard... I've done a ton of it, but still... it never ends.

We also had to go get Kalila's dress today... I'm still pretty excited about that. And of course, got a pic to share...

Haven't done much decorating for Christmas since getting the tree up.. Have stockings up though, took some pics the other day to put in the frame on Kalila's. The first one is the one we ended up using on the stocking.

And I ended up bathing Mumble the other day too, long story... got some after shots of it. Wish I'd taken pics of her earlier bathing experiences when she was tiny, but these were pretty cute too.
Oh & we had a turkey dinner on Tuesday... first time making a turkey and giblet/giblet gravy... (no that's not a typo - I put it twice on purpose) Was actually fun. Lots of work though... esp since I had to cut it up myself after Jas went to work & Kalila was fussy at the time. I've never been as exausted as I was that night... but no complaints lol.


Nzingha said...

She is a cutie! Hannah was a big baby too and still carries around some chubbers.

One thing I don't miss, bathing a cat! Kind of glad Leyna has allergies :)