26 December, 2007

Many Subjects - One Blog

The title just about says it lol. Now that I have a moment to write - I'm going to take that opportunity & mention a few things that have gone on lately... Sorry if I skip around a bit... I am tired... But it's a good tired mostly lol.

Christmas... Was great.

We went to Midnight Mass the night before (obviously lol) - got there a little early because my husband & brother in law sang. Was nice hearing them do so again. I only wish I could have heard a little better - I was in the cry room & you can only hear so much from there. One thing that made me smile once Mass started was that I had the thought that it's the first time I've been there for the first part in forever... As much as we try we haven't made it to Mass on time since before Kalila was born lol. But anyways, after Mass we went to Denny's.. (us three & Trevor, my b-i-l) Was nice... I'm never quite ready to go to bed Christmas Eve - have to wind down first... so it worked out well lol. So it was pretty late when we got home... about 3 I think. I'd made goofy clues that I hid around the house last week for Jas to follow in order to find his gift... a few I had to do last minute so he wouldn't see em beforehand, so I had to sneakily do that before going to bed lol. Between putting out Santa's gift for Kalila & sending him for water I managed it :-D

Christmas Day... got up early (or it seemed) & opened gifts here. Most of them were ones my mom brought when she came for the Baptism, but we got Kalila a few things too. A couple of cute (and kinda funny) onsies & some rattles & such. Unfortunately Abu (the stuffed monkey from Aladdin) hasn't come in yet.

& of course I sent Jas looking for his gift lol... He told me I was crazy multiple times.. but that's ok lol. It was a lot of fun & I took a ton of pics.

Oh... and Mumble...

She got a can of wet tuna cat food from Santa... loved it of course... and went nutz over her toys from the stocking lol. At one point (before I dumped them out) she tried to crawl in.. only could get her head in though!

Then we picked up Trevor, & went to their mom's house. Had lunch there, opened gifts, all of that... & took more pics of course lol.

& then on to an aunt house for the other side of the family. Food, white elephant
(which is always a ton of fun), gifts & everything... At that point Kalila's getting fussy.. the whole teething thing. Towards the end we noticed she's warm.. but thankfully when we got home her temp (which I'm sure wasn't that high) had gone down.

So yeah, by the time we got home last night we were all exausted.. But that's ok. It's Christmas..

No, that's not all I'm writing about... remember I said many subs ;-)

Ok, so the other day someone's car got broken into here... and apparently Jason didn't shut his door right, so they thought the truck had been broken into as well. So the police officer comes to knock on the door. I answer & he asks me if my mom & dad are home. Yeah... It wouldn't be so bad... (well, I'd still be slightly annoyed, but amuzed too possibly) but when Kalila was about a month old I got sick... and we thought she had a fever too (it turns out not) & went to the dr... long story short.. They thought I was Jason's daughter! Then when he asked how old they thought I was (as he's laughing about it) they said 13!!!! Now, I'm sure someday I won't mind people thinking I'm half my age if it happens & may even be flattered by it... this is not that time!

K - this shows how tired I am... I can't remember what else I was going to write...

Oh yeah... Now that I've found my camera (I lost if for a few days lol) I'm going to get ready to sell some stuff on ebay. For one thing we have duplicates of a few things... movies we both had copies of, books (having the same major in college can cause that to happen lol.. plus having similar taste in them too), and I still have like a hundred rosaries I'd made to raise money for Afrika - (note: I sold over half of what I had... was good idea.)

Also, I think I'm going to take down the baby registries soon. Is really no point... Holidays gone... and noone really looked at them to begin with. I'd figured I'd keep updating them for awhile just in case, but... eh. Not sure exactly when I'll do it... but like I said, think I'm going to take them down. Ok, after looking at them it seems Target beat me to it on theirs... They took it off for me in the past couple days. The Wal-Mart & Babies R Us are still up for now... Gonna talk to Jason first.

Oh.. & the bed, bath & beyond drama is still going on (stemming from wedding registry)... I got a message tonight (that was sent like a week ago, my voice mail stinks)... the broken ones they're supposed to resend haven't gotten here yet... not sure if that's part of the call or not, but we haven't gotten them or the last set of glasses. From what I understood they were calling about them, the rerouting address.. which I gave... and fixing the registry online (impossible.. it won't let me plus I have no need to anymore!) I like the store (not that I go there hardly ever), they have nice things... but good grief!

I'm officially mad at myself.. opened a thing of chocolate & realized it was one of the nasty eggnog ones... eweeee! I think it's time for bed..


Christy said...

Oh my goodness, you had a busy Christmas! You stayed up until 3 am?!? WOW! I am usually up at 3 am, but it is certainly not by choice.

Everyone thinks I am a 15. You're right, its irritating. When I was pregnant with Izzy, a rude woman in Target came up and asked me how old I was. She looked a little embarrassed when I told her. People are retarded.