28 December, 2007

A long night of sorts

Well, I didn't expect to be writing again so soon lol. Just wish it was for a different reason. Poor Kalila got sick this week... (just the past day or so really) Her first time really (and since she's 3 months I guess that's good... I can't imagine if she was any smaller) - has a little cough, sneezing (although she does that normally lol), stuffy/runny nose & has been tearing up a bit too (although not much). Thankfully there's been no fever at all. If isn't gone by tomorrow morning we're calling the dr, but I'm hoping it wont come to that. You'd think the poor thing would be all fussy from it & upset, but she's been in a great mood. Smiling, cooing, trying to flip over, playing w/ her toys... The only times she's gotten upset are when I clean her nose out.

I feel really about about it too... Have been trying so hard to keep it from happening (although I knew it would eventually)... try to keep her covered when we go out (almost had an issue w/ that Christmas though... Jas thought it was warm out & started not to cover her.. thankfully his uncle stopped him because it really was cold & I can just imagine if he hadn't); try to keep her socks on her (she hates em so its a job); make her wear the hats when we go out even when she screams her head off about it... same w/ jacket... etc. But I got a cough a few days ago - & realized I'm sniffling too now, as is Jason... and one of the other little ones was coughing the other day too. So I'm not surprised it happened. Just wish it hadn't. & apparently she has something to say about that because she's sitting here talking up a storm lol.

But yeah, last night was a long night because of it. I stayed up with her so she could sleep in her bouncer - so she'd be raised upright enough to have an easier time. At the same time it went pretty quickly because I played Mario Galaxy on the wii while I was doing it lol. I couldn't believe it when I saw it was 6:15... Jas got home soon after that & stayed up with her a little longer before putting her in the crib for a few hours. So I did get a little sleep this morning. After she got up I went with her in (she just said Mom! ok, I know it was a random coo but it was cute) the living room so he could get some more sleep & both of us (me & baby) ended up crashing for a couple hours lol. I'm still kind of out of it time wise... it doesn't feel like it's midnight right now... but I'm not full of energy either. Is ok though... I'd rather her feel better than that.

Other than that... random comment... I can't believe how many sleepers my daughter has gone through today!

I had her in one last night/this morning that her Gran gave her for Christmas... cute purple thing. Well, when we fell asleep in the living room she made a diaper & didn't let me know. Being asleep I obviously didn't notice & she went again & came out of it.

So Jas got her & changed her (I woke up when he got up & got her just after that happened) & put her in another sleeper that I'm about to put up for good (well for her anyway).. getting too small. Isn't one she cares for anyway lol. It's pink & orange... and she seems to feel the same way about pink as I do, for now anyway... She throws a fit when I put it on her, (or her on it if blankets, etc) w
ith a couple of exceptions - like the pooh one she has on now that's white with pink roses... or her new stuffed dog that's pink & black - she fell in love with it! I don't think it's from my reaction either because one of my favs (as those of you who know me & my disdain for all pink gasp in amazment at this) is one we were given that's pink w/ brown - it's really cute. Sometimes she's "ok" with wearing that one, but she throws a fit with it too. And when she doesn't throw a fit with it she scowls lol.. Those of you who knew Betsy, remember that dirty look she'd get when she's ticked... Kalila inherited it... I guess from being named after her lol... but she gives that same look when I put something on her she doesn't like if she doesn't feel like making a fuss. & there's a couple others that I actually like that she doesn't seem too. (it works the other way too, theres one or two she likes that I don't care for) She'll scream, cry, & if that doesn't work she'll poo... on the outfit. I think on purpose. Like todays' onesie... Jas had just changed her. Not five minutes before... and I know she'd just gone right before he did it. As soon as he put it on her she went agian... to the point of coming out of the diaper (which wasn't loose or anything). & it's not the first time she's done that... but it's almost always on pink. It's aggrivating (hello laundry) but I have to smile... She's def my daughter lol.

Anyways, we put her in a Christmas sleeper... white w/ red candy canes... adorable. She looks really good in that colour... No more drama after that... but a couple diaper changes later I went to put desitin because I noticed a little red on her & waited a few minutes to put the diaper back on. I'm sure you can guess what happened. I waited a second too long & she had to pee. Her onesie was pulled up so it mostly just got the blanket she was on & the cloth diaper we use w/ changes (extra padding/protection for blanket or changing table).. but she caught the foot of it... So on to another sleeper.

4 changes in less than a day... not the first time it's happened but still lol. Wow. & yes I'm doing laundry now lol. Which I hear going off so I should prob end this & go do that. Kalila is finally asleep again & doing well. I haven't heard a cough in awhile & she seems to be breathing easier too (still stuffed though). I'll def write again with an update on her.