31 December, 2007

Little Traditions

Well... I suppose I'll start off w/ an update. We went to the dr & Kalila is fine. She said the symptoms can hang on for awhile & we just have to ride it out... & come back if it gets worse or if she gets a fever. Basically what we figured but nice to hear it anyway. Plus, she has seemed to be getting better.

Before I write the next part, let me say that we are not planning to have our second just yet lol. The subject came up the other day though & I just had to share.

Back around the time we got engaged (I think it was then... all I remember is that we figured it'd be a few years before it really would come up at that point) we were talking about baby names & I mentioned a few I liked to Jason. He really liked my favourite girls name - Kalila L'Nae - because his great grandfather's name was Kalil. I'd found the name Kalila in college & thought it was pretty lol. L'Nae I'd come up w/ myself & later found is an Irish name (with my own spelling that is)... Anyways, when we found out she was on the way Jas said he'd like to go w/ that one... Not too long after Betsy passed away & we decided to change the middle name to Elizabeth after her. Jason still liked the name L'Nae though & at at one point said he'd like to name our next daughter that. I agreed of course, I do like the name lol, but still wanted to use it as a middle name (although we hadn't picked a first out yet) because I think it sounds better second than first & figured we could call her by it... Some people go by their middle names after all. Like my sister...

I really don't know how I didn't put two & two together... but this weekend Jas & I were talking about the name thing again, we decided to use my great grandmother's name as her first (well, great great great... great grandmother lol) & it hit me just how it worked out. You see, my mom & dad talked about naming me Banay... but couldn't decide on a first name. I ended up Kristi Marie of course... & then years later my sis was born & my parents (dad & stepmom that is) named her Lucinda Banay... and she goes by Banay.

I did choose the name L'Nae becuase I liked the sound of hers & wanted to leave it open to her if she wanted to give it to one of hers... went through several rhyming names before I came up with one I really liked... but hadn't planned for it to mimic quite that closely lol, with the whole sister thing. I thought it was kind of cool though. A little tradition of sorts - even if unplanned :-)

Now we just need to pick a first name for our first son & we'll be good... Once agian, good thing we have awhile lol... because we seem to be stuck on this one... Jas keeps coming up with names like Bart, Frodo, & Legolas.


Amy Brown said...

LOL...ok, you'd better not be having another one yet! but yeah, undertood about the names!

Christy said...

Names are tough, because I change my mind so damn much. However, I really like your names.