03 December, 2007


For those of you wondering about the two blogs I have linked to here... They are basically the only blogs I keep up with... at all. I don't really read blogs, but for differing reasons can't stay away from these two.

The first is my friend Amy. We met in college, were roomates and she led the group that I went with to Afrika. She's in Rwanda right now teaching... Which is where this blog comes from.

This is a pic of the two of us in Zanzibar in 03. I can't believe it's been 4 years now... The two guys are Sherif and Malik... If you are ever in Zanzibar and go to the food bazaar (which if you are in Zanzibar you need to go to the food bazaar) look for these two. They make the best Zanzibar Pizza's... by far... I'm still trying to figure out how to make them...

The second blog is Nzinga's Soapbox... I do not know her... but found it on accident. Oddly enough I was looking up something for the wedding lol.. Not sure how it happened but one of her blogs popped up & I was curious. She had me rolling & I've gone back ever since. Basically she lives in Saudi and writes a lot about that. & you know me... I love reading about the mid east & Islam... so it's interesting to me even w/out the laugh factor.... which isn't always there mind you, she has some serious blogs too. But that's why I added her to my links.

Now that I've finished that... back to the joys of cleaning house (groan) and taking care of baby (smile).