16 December, 2007

Kalila's Baptism - round one

Hey! Well, first off, everything went well today. We were running a little late at first, but that's nada new! Not having been to a Baptism at our Church before I really had no clue what to expect lol (a discussion I had with Myra, Kalila's Godmother, earlier - she didn't either). It was nice though. Kalila was very well behaved. No yelling "bad boy!" at the priest... oh yeah she can't yet... (an inside joke for those of you from Lubbock, SJN) But really, no crying... She looked up at Abouna for a bit... and when the Godparents were declaring their faith (for her) she chimed in with a few coos. She did that at one point when Abouna was talking too... so cute. But very calm, happy... It was nice. We went out to eat at Chili's afterwards... by the time we got home it was almost time to go to a friends to meet his baby, Khalil... He's a week old & we're talking about arranging the marriage ;-) Got pics of them together too... It was cute to see them side by side... I can't believe the size diff though.. it makes sense - he's "brand new". But still... she looks like double his size right now lol. Give it a few months though & I'm sure he's gonna at least catch up. So yeah, it was a pretty good day!

Ok, so I promised Baptism pics... but they're gonna have to be broken into a few parts... Unfortunately my batteries ran out in the middle... so Trevor only got a few on it. My mom took pics too, but I have no clue when I can get copies of them. (In other words there may be another blog on this subject months from now lol...) We were going to get an after shot on hers too, but memory ran out just then... was kinda funny actually. I'm also gonna put up more pics tomorrow because I want to put her back in the dress & take individual, close up shots. Anyways, here is what we have for now.