09 December, 2007


I just realized how an earlier entry sounded... So for any family members reading this...

I didn't mean that I don't want anyone asking what Kalila needs, or what we'd like as Christmas gifts for her...

Granted I don't like answering that question for myself... but it doesn't bother me w/ her.

I was referring to someone (who shall remain nameless) asking ten times, given ideas, reminded that there's a registry, asking again , then telling me that clothing might be best (note: it was one of the ideas) and asking if that was ok (like I said, it'd been mentioned before & is on the registry), asking the size (I'd mentioned & was on the registry), calling back while in the store to ask agian... you get the point. And all this in a couple days time...

Well, this was just before I wrote that blog & I think I may have come across wrong because of it lol. Mostly I was just griping about being asked about myself... I don't mean anything by it... I know I'll be asked again... and I'll grit my teeth & ask for that fanta passion ;-)

And for anyone who wants to know what she wants or needs... we do still have those registries lol.