31 December, 2007

Little Traditions

Well... I suppose I'll start off w/ an update. We went to the dr & Kalila is fine. She said the symptoms can hang on for awhile & we just have to ride it out... & come back if it gets worse or if she gets a fever. Basically what we figured but nice to hear it anyway. Plus, she has seemed to be getting better.

Before I write the next part, let me say that we are not planning to have our second just yet lol. The subject came up the other day though & I just had to share.

Back around the time we got engaged (I think it was then... all I remember is that we figured it'd be a few years before it really would come up at that point) we were talking about baby names & I mentioned a few I liked to Jason. He really liked my favourite girls name - Kalila L'Nae - because his great grandfather's name was Kalil. I'd found the name Kalila in college & thought it was pretty lol. L'Nae I'd come up w/ myself & later found is an Irish name (with my own spelling that is)... Anyways, when we found out she was on the way Jas said he'd like to go w/ that one... Not too long after Betsy passed away & we decided to change the middle name to Elizabeth after her. Jason still liked the name L'Nae though & at at one point said he'd like to name our next daughter that. I agreed of course, I do like the name lol, but still wanted to use it as a middle name (although we hadn't picked a first out yet) because I think it sounds better second than first & figured we could call her by it... Some people go by their middle names after all. Like my sister...

I really don't know how I didn't put two & two together... but this weekend Jas & I were talking about the name thing again, we decided to use my great grandmother's name as her first (well, great great great... great grandmother lol) & it hit me just how it worked out. You see, my mom & dad talked about naming me Banay... but couldn't decide on a first name. I ended up Kristi Marie of course... & then years later my sis was born & my parents (dad & stepmom that is) named her Lucinda Banay... and she goes by Banay.

I did choose the name L'Nae becuase I liked the sound of hers & wanted to leave it open to her if she wanted to give it to one of hers... went through several rhyming names before I came up with one I really liked... but hadn't planned for it to mimic quite that closely lol, with the whole sister thing. I thought it was kind of cool though. A little tradition of sorts - even if unplanned :-)

Now we just need to pick a first name for our first son & we'll be good... Once agian, good thing we have awhile lol... because we seem to be stuck on this one... Jas keeps coming up with names like Bart, Frodo, & Legolas.

28 December, 2007

A long night of sorts

Well, I didn't expect to be writing again so soon lol. Just wish it was for a different reason. Poor Kalila got sick this week... (just the past day or so really) Her first time really (and since she's 3 months I guess that's good... I can't imagine if she was any smaller) - has a little cough, sneezing (although she does that normally lol), stuffy/runny nose & has been tearing up a bit too (although not much). Thankfully there's been no fever at all. If isn't gone by tomorrow morning we're calling the dr, but I'm hoping it wont come to that. You'd think the poor thing would be all fussy from it & upset, but she's been in a great mood. Smiling, cooing, trying to flip over, playing w/ her toys... The only times she's gotten upset are when I clean her nose out.

I feel really about about it too... Have been trying so hard to keep it from happening (although I knew it would eventually)... try to keep her covered when we go out (almost had an issue w/ that Christmas though... Jas thought it was warm out & started not to cover her.. thankfully his uncle stopped him because it really was cold & I can just imagine if he hadn't); try to keep her socks on her (she hates em so its a job); make her wear the hats when we go out even when she screams her head off about it... same w/ jacket... etc. But I got a cough a few days ago - & realized I'm sniffling too now, as is Jason... and one of the other little ones was coughing the other day too. So I'm not surprised it happened. Just wish it hadn't. & apparently she has something to say about that because she's sitting here talking up a storm lol.

But yeah, last night was a long night because of it. I stayed up with her so she could sleep in her bouncer - so she'd be raised upright enough to have an easier time. At the same time it went pretty quickly because I played Mario Galaxy on the wii while I was doing it lol. I couldn't believe it when I saw it was 6:15... Jas got home soon after that & stayed up with her a little longer before putting her in the crib for a few hours. So I did get a little sleep this morning. After she got up I went with her in (she just said Mom! ok, I know it was a random coo but it was cute) the living room so he could get some more sleep & both of us (me & baby) ended up crashing for a couple hours lol. I'm still kind of out of it time wise... it doesn't feel like it's midnight right now... but I'm not full of energy either. Is ok though... I'd rather her feel better than that.

Other than that... random comment... I can't believe how many sleepers my daughter has gone through today!

I had her in one last night/this morning that her Gran gave her for Christmas... cute purple thing. Well, when we fell asleep in the living room she made a diaper & didn't let me know. Being asleep I obviously didn't notice & she went again & came out of it.

So Jas got her & changed her (I woke up when he got up & got her just after that happened) & put her in another sleeper that I'm about to put up for good (well for her anyway).. getting too small. Isn't one she cares for anyway lol. It's pink & orange... and she seems to feel the same way about pink as I do, for now anyway... She throws a fit when I put it on her, (or her on it if blankets, etc) w
ith a couple of exceptions - like the pooh one she has on now that's white with pink roses... or her new stuffed dog that's pink & black - she fell in love with it! I don't think it's from my reaction either because one of my favs (as those of you who know me & my disdain for all pink gasp in amazment at this) is one we were given that's pink w/ brown - it's really cute. Sometimes she's "ok" with wearing that one, but she throws a fit with it too. And when she doesn't throw a fit with it she scowls lol.. Those of you who knew Betsy, remember that dirty look she'd get when she's ticked... Kalila inherited it... I guess from being named after her lol... but she gives that same look when I put something on her she doesn't like if she doesn't feel like making a fuss. & there's a couple others that I actually like that she doesn't seem too. (it works the other way too, theres one or two she likes that I don't care for) She'll scream, cry, & if that doesn't work she'll poo... on the outfit. I think on purpose. Like todays' onesie... Jas had just changed her. Not five minutes before... and I know she'd just gone right before he did it. As soon as he put it on her she went agian... to the point of coming out of the diaper (which wasn't loose or anything). & it's not the first time she's done that... but it's almost always on pink. It's aggrivating (hello laundry) but I have to smile... She's def my daughter lol.

Anyways, we put her in a Christmas sleeper... white w/ red candy canes... adorable. She looks really good in that colour... No more drama after that... but a couple diaper changes later I went to put desitin because I noticed a little red on her & waited a few minutes to put the diaper back on. I'm sure you can guess what happened. I waited a second too long & she had to pee. Her onesie was pulled up so it mostly just got the blanket she was on & the cloth diaper we use w/ changes (extra padding/protection for blanket or changing table).. but she caught the foot of it... So on to another sleeper.

4 changes in less than a day... not the first time it's happened but still lol. Wow. & yes I'm doing laundry now lol. Which I hear going off so I should prob end this & go do that. Kalila is finally asleep again & doing well. I haven't heard a cough in awhile & she seems to be breathing easier too (still stuffed though). I'll def write again with an update on her.

26 December, 2007

Many Subjects - One Blog

The title just about says it lol. Now that I have a moment to write - I'm going to take that opportunity & mention a few things that have gone on lately... Sorry if I skip around a bit... I am tired... But it's a good tired mostly lol.

Christmas... Was great.

We went to Midnight Mass the night before (obviously lol) - got there a little early because my husband & brother in law sang. Was nice hearing them do so again. I only wish I could have heard a little better - I was in the cry room & you can only hear so much from there. One thing that made me smile once Mass started was that I had the thought that it's the first time I've been there for the first part in forever... As much as we try we haven't made it to Mass on time since before Kalila was born lol. But anyways, after Mass we went to Denny's.. (us three & Trevor, my b-i-l) Was nice... I'm never quite ready to go to bed Christmas Eve - have to wind down first... so it worked out well lol. So it was pretty late when we got home... about 3 I think. I'd made goofy clues that I hid around the house last week for Jas to follow in order to find his gift... a few I had to do last minute so he wouldn't see em beforehand, so I had to sneakily do that before going to bed lol. Between putting out Santa's gift for Kalila & sending him for water I managed it :-D

Christmas Day... got up early (or it seemed) & opened gifts here. Most of them were ones my mom brought when she came for the Baptism, but we got Kalila a few things too. A couple of cute (and kinda funny) onsies & some rattles & such. Unfortunately Abu (the stuffed monkey from Aladdin) hasn't come in yet.

& of course I sent Jas looking for his gift lol... He told me I was crazy multiple times.. but that's ok lol. It was a lot of fun & I took a ton of pics.

Oh... and Mumble...

She got a can of wet tuna cat food from Santa... loved it of course... and went nutz over her toys from the stocking lol. At one point (before I dumped them out) she tried to crawl in.. only could get her head in though!

Then we picked up Trevor, & went to their mom's house. Had lunch there, opened gifts, all of that... & took more pics of course lol.

& then on to an aunt house for the other side of the family. Food, white elephant
(which is always a ton of fun), gifts & everything... At that point Kalila's getting fussy.. the whole teething thing. Towards the end we noticed she's warm.. but thankfully when we got home her temp (which I'm sure wasn't that high) had gone down.

So yeah, by the time we got home last night we were all exausted.. But that's ok. It's Christmas..

No, that's not all I'm writing about... remember I said many subs ;-)

Ok, so the other day someone's car got broken into here... and apparently Jason didn't shut his door right, so they thought the truck had been broken into as well. So the police officer comes to knock on the door. I answer & he asks me if my mom & dad are home. Yeah... It wouldn't be so bad... (well, I'd still be slightly annoyed, but amuzed too possibly) but when Kalila was about a month old I got sick... and we thought she had a fever too (it turns out not) & went to the dr... long story short.. They thought I was Jason's daughter! Then when he asked how old they thought I was (as he's laughing about it) they said 13!!!! Now, I'm sure someday I won't mind people thinking I'm half my age if it happens & may even be flattered by it... this is not that time!

K - this shows how tired I am... I can't remember what else I was going to write...

Oh yeah... Now that I've found my camera (I lost if for a few days lol) I'm going to get ready to sell some stuff on ebay. For one thing we have duplicates of a few things... movies we both had copies of, books (having the same major in college can cause that to happen lol.. plus having similar taste in them too), and I still have like a hundred rosaries I'd made to raise money for Afrika - (note: I sold over half of what I had... was good idea.)

Also, I think I'm going to take down the baby registries soon. Is really no point... Holidays gone... and noone really looked at them to begin with. I'd figured I'd keep updating them for awhile just in case, but... eh. Not sure exactly when I'll do it... but like I said, think I'm going to take them down. Ok, after looking at them it seems Target beat me to it on theirs... They took it off for me in the past couple days. The Wal-Mart & Babies R Us are still up for now... Gonna talk to Jason first.

Oh.. & the bed, bath & beyond drama is still going on (stemming from wedding registry)... I got a message tonight (that was sent like a week ago, my voice mail stinks)... the broken ones they're supposed to resend haven't gotten here yet... not sure if that's part of the call or not, but we haven't gotten them or the last set of glasses. From what I understood they were calling about them, the rerouting address.. which I gave... and fixing the registry online (impossible.. it won't let me plus I have no need to anymore!) I like the store (not that I go there hardly ever), they have nice things... but good grief!

I'm officially mad at myself.. opened a thing of chocolate & realized it was one of the nasty eggnog ones... eweeee! I think it's time for bed..

18 December, 2007

Round 2

Sorry! We had a huge day yesterday & I just couldn't get these pics taken when we got home. So I got up & did it this morning. Of course I filled the whole camera up, just so cute! But don't worry, I won't put them all on here lol. I'm having a bit of trouble with this blog for some reason too, so I hope it turns out looking alright (is the 10th time I've done this or just about)

Oh, as for yesterday... part of what we did was go to the mall & meet Santa! So before I leave, here's a pic of them together.

16 December, 2007

Kalila's Baptism - round one

Hey! Well, first off, everything went well today. We were running a little late at first, but that's nada new! Not having been to a Baptism at our Church before I really had no clue what to expect lol (a discussion I had with Myra, Kalila's Godmother, earlier - she didn't either). It was nice though. Kalila was very well behaved. No yelling "bad boy!" at the priest... oh yeah she can't yet... (an inside joke for those of you from Lubbock, SJN) But really, no crying... She looked up at Abouna for a bit... and when the Godparents were declaring their faith (for her) she chimed in with a few coos. She did that at one point when Abouna was talking too... so cute. But very calm, happy... It was nice. We went out to eat at Chili's afterwards... by the time we got home it was almost time to go to a friends to meet his baby, Khalil... He's a week old & we're talking about arranging the marriage ;-) Got pics of them together too... It was cute to see them side by side... I can't believe the size diff though.. it makes sense - he's "brand new". But still... she looks like double his size right now lol. Give it a few months though & I'm sure he's gonna at least catch up. So yeah, it was a pretty good day!

Ok, so I promised Baptism pics... but they're gonna have to be broken into a few parts... Unfortunately my batteries ran out in the middle... so Trevor only got a few on it. My mom took pics too, but I have no clue when I can get copies of them. (In other words there may be another blog on this subject months from now lol...) We were going to get an after shot on hers too, but memory ran out just then... was kinda funny actually. I'm also gonna put up more pics tomorrow because I want to put her back in the dress & take individual, close up shots. Anyways, here is what we have for now.

14 December, 2007

Two B's

Right now my life has been taken over by two B's. One more than the other, the others more in my head than anything else. But let me explain.

The first B is Baptism... I think I mentioned this one before, but Kalila's getting Baptized this coming Sunday... Only 2 more days to go. I can't wait. But there is so much to do and not much time to do it. Not so much for the Baptism itself, but around the house. My mom is coming in at some point tomorrow and Myra (Kalila's Godmother) will be coming tomorrow night. Those are the only two coming in from out of town that I know of, but there may be others as well. I know it doesn't really matter, everyone understands small baby = messy house. But I HATE (not a word I like to use, but it fits in this instance) having people see a dirty house. So all this week I've been going room by room cleaning up. And I've gotten pretty far with it, but I didn't finish any room I had planned for the day lol. It's ok though because I got far enough to still be happy with it. (example: I still need to clean the fridge in the kitchen - but the rest is done) Today's should be pretty easy - living room, so I plan on jumping in & finishing the others up too. Plus I have an advantage today... My husband is off!!! Of course, after 3 days of double shifts (from 2pm to 6:30am) he's sleeping most of the day. But he did say he'd help with a couple things which makes the day much easier for me. It makes me feel better if nada else lol. My big accomplishment though is that I finally finished laundry (what we wore yesterday & today not withstanding). I thought I'd never catch up with it, so very happy!!! So anyways, that's made for a very interesting week. I've stayed up till all hours of the night to manage it, so I'm almost as tired as my husband, but it's worth it. Besides, this weekend will be great.

The other B is for Betsy. Betsy was my best friend, I'd met her in High School & we'd been friends ever since. She passed away from complications from Friedrich's Ataxia (a type of Muscular Dystrophy) last January... Two weeks after we found out Kalila was on the way... Which is why we gave her the middle name Elizabeth. I wish she could have met her, but I'm looking forward to telling her about Bets when she's older. Anyways, it's been a rough year obviously. And Monday the 17th would be her 26th birthday. I hadn't planned to have Kalila's Baptism right by it, just worked out that way. Part of me is glad, makes it even more special... but another part is sad because her family is having a thing at their church that night to raise money for FARA (FA research). They're calling it "Betsy's Fight to End FA" - w/ a chili
and cornbread meal, a silent auction, a bake sale, and a Kiss A Pig contest (ok so I don't so much like that last one lol) And I wish I could be there! But there's no way we can make it... Emily, Betsy's sister, has put updates on both myspace & facebook about it - so I've seen the info several times... and... it just makes me sad... I wish their was some way I could help, someway I could be there. On top of that I got an email from MDA today asking about a donation... Not something I mind getting, but the timing...

Well, I've got to get back out there & finish up with my cleaning. Esp since the baby is so calm right now :-)

10 December, 2007

A Cute Night...

Keep in mind as you read this I am a bit biased... Kalila is my daughter... But I just had to share...

About an hour or so ago Jas was getting ready for work & called me into the other room w/ camera... & this is what I saw: my little girl sitting up on the couch. It's not as easy to tell in the picture, but she's so little... Made it look even cuter.
So of course I took a ton of pics lol.

I wasn't going to put any online just yet, was thinking about emailing one or two out... but then I got her ready for bed. I've discovered that after laying her in the crib if I pray "with her" out loud she seems to like it & calms down some. (She really doesn't care for the crib) So just as I was about to end our prayer she started jabbering. I'm not sure what she was telling God but it sure was adorable. If I could have captured that on camera I would've...

09 December, 2007


I just realized how an earlier entry sounded... So for any family members reading this...

I didn't mean that I don't want anyone asking what Kalila needs, or what we'd like as Christmas gifts for her...

Granted I don't like answering that question for myself... but it doesn't bother me w/ her.

I was referring to someone (who shall remain nameless) asking ten times, given ideas, reminded that there's a registry, asking again , then telling me that clothing might be best (note: it was one of the ideas) and asking if that was ok (like I said, it'd been mentioned before & is on the registry), asking the size (I'd mentioned & was on the registry), calling back while in the store to ask agian... you get the point. And all this in a couple days time...

Well, this was just before I wrote that blog & I think I may have come across wrong because of it lol. Mostly I was just griping about being asked about myself... I don't mean anything by it... I know I'll be asked again... and I'll grit my teeth & ask for that fanta passion ;-)

And for anyone who wants to know what she wants or needs... we do still have those registries lol.

08 December, 2007

So much to do... and updates...

I'll admit it... I'm procrastinating. Not a good thing to do when Kalila's actually down in the crib... I can just see it, as soon as I get to what I should be doing she'll start crying. But here I am...

Backtracking some... I mentioned in my first blog on here that I used to post blogs on my myspace page... And one of the things I was putting on there was updates about Kalila. But I realized that some people couldn't get to them, and as I'd already been thinking of starting a regular blog... that added into it. Which brings me here.

We had our 2 month checkup yesterday... Kalila's doing fine (sigh of relief). Still gaining weight. She's already up to 12 lbs 10 oz! They said she's in the 83rd percentile for that... She's also 24 1/2 in long... which is 97th percentile.. In other words, big baby lol. But we already knew that! She was all smiles for the dr, it was really cute. Showed off too... holding her head & standing for her (w/ the Dr holding her steady of course...)

LOL... As she just started crying & then broke into smiles when I went in there... started cooing & grinning like she thinks I'll get her out of the crib... unfortunately she's right... it does get me more often than not.. but it's bedtime... trying to stick to that unless she needs to eat or change... (unless she's sick or if she kept crying)

Back to the appt though. It went really well.... until the shots. Which honestly weren't too bad. The nurse let me nurse while she did it... so it could've been much worse (holding her on the table is agony for everyone). Poor thing started screaming though... turned bright red... showed off those two teeth she's teething... (right under her gums where you can see em). I nearly bawled...

Other than that... we're keeping pretty buzy lately. Jason's got finals.. almost done w/ that though. & has been working extra. I've been trying to get the apt straightened up for next week when people are coming in for the Baptism. I've gotten quite a bit done... but seriously getting to it this next week. Unfortunately its the laundry that's making it hard... I've done a ton of it, but still... it never ends.

We also had to go get Kalila's dress today... I'm still pretty excited about that. And of course, got a pic to share...

Haven't done much decorating for Christmas since getting the tree up.. Have stockings up though, took some pics the other day to put in the frame on Kalila's. The first one is the one we ended up using on the stocking.

And I ended up bathing Mumble the other day too, long story... got some after shots of it. Wish I'd taken pics of her earlier bathing experiences when she was tiny, but these were pretty cute too.
Oh & we had a turkey dinner on Tuesday... first time making a turkey and giblet/giblet gravy... (no that's not a typo - I put it twice on purpose) Was actually fun. Lots of work though... esp since I had to cut it up myself after Jas went to work & Kalila was fussy at the time. I've never been as exausted as I was that night... but no complaints lol.

03 December, 2007


For those of you wondering about the two blogs I have linked to here... They are basically the only blogs I keep up with... at all. I don't really read blogs, but for differing reasons can't stay away from these two.

The first is my friend Amy. We met in college, were roomates and she led the group that I went with to Afrika. She's in Rwanda right now teaching... Which is where this blog comes from.

This is a pic of the two of us in Zanzibar in 03. I can't believe it's been 4 years now... The two guys are Sherif and Malik... If you are ever in Zanzibar and go to the food bazaar (which if you are in Zanzibar you need to go to the food bazaar) look for these two. They make the best Zanzibar Pizza's... by far... I'm still trying to figure out how to make them...

The second blog is Nzinga's Soapbox... I do not know her... but found it on accident. Oddly enough I was looking up something for the wedding lol.. Not sure how it happened but one of her blogs popped up & I was curious. She had me rolling & I've gone back ever since. Basically she lives in Saudi and writes a lot about that. & you know me... I love reading about the mid east & Islam... so it's interesting to me even w/out the laugh factor.... which isn't always there mind you, she has some serious blogs too. But that's why I added her to my links.

Now that I've finished that... back to the joys of cleaning house (groan) and taking care of baby (smile).

Tis the season... for obnoxious questions

Yes, Christmas is quickly approaching... and I love this time of year as much as the next person. Religious stuff aside (which yes is a main part of it for me) - there's also the decorating, the movies, the food, and... the Christmas shopping. I love Christmas shopping. Always have. So much fun.

However, there's the other side of the Christmas shopping... Others are doing so too... And it never fails that I'm asked what I want for Christmas. I dread this question like you wouldn't believe. First off it feels like I'm asking for something... which I don't care for. Plus, I never actually get what I want for Christmas. I gave up actually answering after the incident a few years ago when I asked for an arabic lang program for the comp (decently priced mind you, found it for $20) or a book.. and got a "Thanks, that sounds good, I'll do that" routine... and I got clothes. They were nice clothes of course, and I liked them... can always use clothes... Very nice gift... But why ask?

& yes it's already started this year... Only now it's for all three of us! The baby was the funniest... I still have a registry up... I've mentioned this multiple times. We have 3 of them... Wal-Mart, Target & Baby's R Us... "Oh, I'll reprint it" then "What does Kalila need?" then "I think I'll get her clothes..." Note: clothes are what she needs lol... No complaints. But once agian... why am I being asked if you already made up your mind? I understand being asked what size... or colour prefference... but good grief! I preferred the "Oh, btw.. I got her this...." comment I got the other day.

Of course I've only been asked by a couple people so far... I know more is coming... and am dreading the moment. I just don't know how to answer.

On another.. yet similar.. note: While I haven't finished decorating by any stretch... I got the tree up & just have to share a picture. Apparently Mumble thinks it's a great place to catch a nap!

Note from a few days after posting this: I've figured out what to say... For anyone who wants to know... I want a Fanta Passion. And if you somehow manage to find one... I would be eternally grateful & it would go down as the best Christmas gift ever. Of course, barring you happen to be traveling to Afrika I really doubt it's doable lol.