30 November, 2007

When nothing seems right...

Today has been one of those days... (or this week rather, it really started yesterday) It's one of the reasons I finally made up my mind to go ahead & start this blog in place of my just posting to my myspace page lol.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Life is good. I have a two month old daughter that I adore. A great husband. Things really are good... but sometimes it's hard to remember that.

I moved here a few years ago and have made some good friends. But due to various circumstances we aren't all that close, at least not yet. I've tried to keep in touch with my old friends... but it seems like one by one they are slipping away.

On top of that Kalila's Baptism is coming up. I have looked forward to this for... well... long before she was even thought of lol. We got the invites out, for the most part, not a whole lot to worry about really.. Other than hoping the weather holds so that her Godmother can make it. But... We sent out the invitations... mostly to family, but we both invited a few friends too. His family will be there... a few of mine will... But for the most part no. A combination of too far away and they aren't Catholic & object to the whole thing. The same goes with friends. So I'm excited about it... and a little sad too.

Plus there's teh little things that have gone on this week... Like my husband punching me in his sleep! It took me awhile to find the humour in that situation (he got me in the eye when he threw out his arm... not a real punch)... but I finally have. Or someone posting something offensive on myspace and laying a guilt trip on me for saying something. That came after another misunderstanding on there so I'm a bit put out with the whole situation.

But everytime I start to get depressed, or do, my little girl smiles at me or says abu... and I start to feel better... a little at least.

Which brings me to what inspired this blog - gonna put it seperate lol. We had some glasses given as a gift.. sent from Bed Bath & Beyond.. First they got sent to the wrong address & returned... A little background info there... (the worst part is that much has happened before) Well, they came in tonight just after I created this blog but before I could write. 4 of 6 glasses were broken... 2 completely crushed to tiny pieces. After everything else... I was pretty upset. I came in here to get the number to the store. That's when I heard my husband call out that she had grabbed ahold of his thumbs and pulled herself up... I walked in & there she was holding on & sitting up on him! A few minutes later I saw her do it myself. So precious.. She's growing up so fast already... And everything else just melted away.

I'm still annoyed at the store... and sad bout the rest... But I've got to enjoy this time... It'll go by way too fast.